Paradise in Panama: The San Blas Islands

So, you could decide to fly between Panama and Colombia. It certainly ain't happening by road, because the Darien region is jungle thicker than grandad's nostril hair (and full of cocaine cookers). OR you could go by speedboat. Not just by speedboat, but speedboat via 365 idyllic islands. Those classic remote islands with a couple of palm trees sprouting out and nothing much else. Although, rather than a stranded man with a long beard and a friend called Wilson, you will see the Kuna people - indigenous folk who have autonomous control of the islands. We traveled with San Blas Adventures (, a well run outfit who have access to the islands not just visit, but to stay on them too. It's the weirdest thing, waking up marooned on a perfect bit of sand hardly 20 metres long. It might be a pricier option for continuing your journey from Central to South America (or vice versa), but when you consider 4 days of accommodation and food included, and the fact you get to chill out on real desert islands...I'll take the speedboat every time!


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