Is this the creepiest museum in the world?

WARNING: IMAGES OF DEAD MUMMIFIED PEOPLE If this isn't the creepiest museum in the world, I'll eat my own mummified femur (when the time comes). Museo de las Momia in Guanajuato, central Mexico is the strangest experience. The city is a beautiful, unique colonial spot and hiding in those there hills is this grotesque but morbidly fascinating museum. It's full of unclaimed, naturally mummified bodies (either they had no family or the family couldn't pay the cemetery tax) and some of them are from as short a time ago as the 50s. We left not sure how to feel about the place. But morbid and fascinated, tick! Who ever thought they'd spend the morning climbing the winding ascents of the city to reach a load of (sometimes fully clothed and 'poised for action') corpses. It was the French doctor who had no family in the city that got me. All done up in his suit and yet utterly expired into a leathery mess. To be honest, I've seen worse in a Wetherspoons on a Sunday morning (a cheap English pub where the dregs have their first drink at 8am). But still, really, a museum for dead bodies?


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