Escape the cold, join us on the beach...

Come on, you, it's cold out there. Just forget work for a minute and hop onto this 360º video on the beaches of Montezuma, Costa Rica for a few minutes. This particular dish is best served with goggles (like Google Cardboard), where you can just look around you at leisure. Otherwise, get your phone or tablet on full screen and move it around the landscape, or click and drag yer desktop.

This super chilled, ornate beach town on the southern bum of the Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica has beaches that you would think you could only dream of. It's a tough cookie to get to...a ferry from the mainland and a pot-holed drive south...but once you're there, the 5 beaches are well worth the journey. The only trouble is finding a shady spot - this ain't sunbeds and blokes waking you up to sell you a trinket, this is proper, wild beach. Driftwood, drifters, untamed paradise.


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