Roadtrip on USA's Most Scenic Highway

No, silly, it's not Route 66. But it does have humpback whales. Would you believe, HUMPBACK WHALES? When we set off from San Francisco, the last thing we expected to see were scores of humpbacks frolicking crazily close to the coast. Turns out that unusual weather had sucked all the fish nearer to the beach than is wise...and enter the suck 'em all up...along with the insane dive-bombing pelicans scavenging in their wake and the odd seal to add to the whole exotic soup at Surfers Beach, CA. Talking of seals...further south we found Piedras Blancas Elephant Seal Rookery, which is a mouthful amid the artificial eagerness of the tin of Red Bull that every roadtrip requires. Elephant seals have to be the strangest animals I've ever encountered...and I've been with honey badgers, consorted with sloths and been a human most of my life. Their proboscises are a wonder of whimsy design; these giant, flapping honkers are designed to emit noises that exemplify sexual prowess. And then the dolphins at Carmel this time we were spoiled. Our journey was three days, and it should have been longer, if not for the incredible prices of food and lodging along the route. We wish we'd pondered more in Big Sur, but thems the breaks, and we had other roads to attend to. Nonetheless, this was a memorable leg of our journey. Want some tips or advice? Get in touch!


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