NYC in 2 Days - Mini Guide

Sometimes you just haven't got time to get on endless local buses with unfathomable timetables and payment arrangements to seek out that artisanal bakery serving up quirky croissants filled with flavored sawdust...sometimes you just need to get the touristic basics ticked off before you have to just scootle back on the road. I'm not saying it's right, and I'm not saying that you get in any way down the throat of a place in a couple of days...but sometimes there's no dang choice. And I'm not saying either that our little video goes the whole hoglet - it's just a little inspiration for some stuff you could get did in a couple of days. So hey, don't shoot the messenger, just be inspired and go exploring for yourself. We like to walk the guts out of a place...just to feel the atmos in da streets. We tend to leave museums alone, we keep it in the moment and absorb whatever vibes are being thrown out. New York, these days is incredibly vibey. Sometimes stressfully fast paced, sometimes more artisanal and chilled. But always interesting. Clickaroo the video downstairs, but also, ALSO, Candace worked very hard on a nice detailed blog post with lovely pictures and checkedy that one too:


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