Halloween Night Safari in the Costa Rica Rainforest

So, we thought we'd scare the poop out of ourselves by wandering unaided out into the dark void of jungle that surrounds our Costa Rica house sit. Or to put it another way, we went out in the garden at night. What lurks around us? Spiders aplenty, bugs mostly (especially in the nostrils) and a few suprising mammals. SLOTHS? Yes! Night is an atmospheric cauldron in the Cahuita rainforest. Frogs and bulging giant toads echo across each other; crickets stridulate in fierce competition with the guy next door; kinkajous scurry up and down trees with surprised eyes that catch in the glare of torches; fireflies dart across the outlook like shooting stars; great pootoos make eerily croaky claims atop crooked silhouettes of trees that assume suspicious poses, while howler monkeys insist in gruff waves across the hills. It's actually quite creepy on the best of nights, out here in the deepest darkest jungle. When you're in bed, you can't separate the crack of a rotten branch yielding to its own weight and slamming into the plastic greenhouse roof, from an assailant making not very subtle approaches towards your gold. As soon as the sun sinks, mystery grabs the air and takes from you all you thought you knew about what's out there. Even the garden you've sat looking at all day loses its form entirely and becomes a dense, dark and unfathomable hole. So, here is our Halloween sacrifice, a trip into the garden at night time. Of course, much, much more lurks, but we'll save all that for another adventure...


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