Wanna know what a Costa Rica House-sit looks like? (and why you could be doing this too!)

I bet you do! So did we, when we saw a picture of this beauty all those months ago while we were drenched in London drizzle. Unbelievably, we're now living in this amazing place/dream; surrounded by sloths and spiders and howler monkeys and toucans and coatis and all those other sillies that occupy the super-humid Costa Rica rainforest. How do you find yourself in this sort of a predicament? Well, we joined a site called Trusted Housesitters...and for an annual subscription, you get to sort your way through the hundred and hundreds of people who have houses all over the world and want someone to look after their pets. It's like dating for wanderlusted pet-philes. Here in Cahuita, we're currently doting over Negrito, a labrador-pitbull cross who is much cuter than his ancentry would suggest. It's a pretty sweet deal...you look after the house and the pet...they give you free accommodation. The drawbacks? Nuh-uh. It's like that and that's the way it is. But you do have to put together a pretty nifty profile (NB put photos of attractive wife at the front...) and go through Skype interviews (NB put wife centre-frame) amid hefty competition from all over the world - and it's especially hefty when some people have been doing this housesitting malarky virtually professionally for donkey's years. And credits as a professional housesitter do very well in landing you your next job. It's basically a resume. A track-record of quite remarkable skills in freeloading.

So what does one do all day in a house like this? From our side, we're able to live out the 'digital nomad' dream...I work on my computer for overhead-free profits, while wife works on making this website delicious. Meanwhile, the dog woofs once in a while, maybe demands fuss (which he gets a lot of. A lot of really soppy stuff, seriously - she finds him so cute that she dribbles, on the floor, no word of a lie), and some high quality walkies. What a way to live! Unfortunately, not a lot of housesits come up in South America, so we're not sure if we'll score another on this particular trip. But how about you, hmmm? Well, madam, I'm not sure of your age and I certainly wouldn't be one to ask. But let's just say: this isn't a young person's game, necessarily. Who would you rather look after your dog - a nineteen year old off his jackfruit on ketamine? Or sweet Aunty Maude, retired school ma'am with a penchant for budgies...? Lots of retired couples do it: just fly between international destinations to sit in someone else's house for a few weeks or months at a time, for nothing. It's a comfortable, pretty safe way to see the planet as an elder (I'm not suggesting that you're elder, madam, sincerely). What's really great about it is that it's no package holiday - you'll suddenly find yourself embedded in someone else's genuine life in a genuine local place. No all-inclusive buffets or late night discos or Germans with towels on sunbeds...just an instant day-to-day life, somewhere else. For nothing. What a way to see another culture! There are PLENTY of housesits all over Europe...once we're off of this South American bandwagon, we'll swap it for a motorhome and conquer Europe using housesitting as a means. Join us?

Check out www.trustedhousesitters.com

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