We found a SLOTH in our garden!

So here we are, house-sitting on Costa Rica's super lush Caribbean coast, nestled in a pocket of rainforest absolutely up to it's gullets in noisy creatures of all makes. Screaming toucans, howling monkeys, buzzing whatevers. House-sitting is the best thing that's ever been invented. Free accommodation in return for looking after a house and a ludicrously silly little doggie. Who can complain at that? Also, I can work on my laptop to top up our travel funds. My office is the rainforest, and I don't have to top up an Oyster card to get here. Nu-uh. Also, we can pick fruit off the trees. Also...THERE'S A SLOTH AT THE END OF THE GARDEN. These funny little articles come down from the trees but once a week to have a complete poo. Why they can't just throw it down from above like in the olde London days, I don't know, but they like to make a day of it. So we happened upon this little fella (no idea whether it was man or woman, it's too hard to tell unless you get unacceptably familiar) while it was either on the way down to lay a nugget or post-poo and heading back up. Actually, the dog found it and wanted to tear its ginger fur from its very frame, which became a bit of an unsightly wrestle to get him away. The sloth was stopped off, for a sleep, because that is, after all, mostly what they do. More vids coming soon...my computer has been very ill (a post on that too...FedEx stole a month from us, it's been ever so dramatic)...


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