360º Video: Golden Gate Bridge

Those there clouds just love hugging the old bridge...when we visited, it was a whirlwind of mist whisking across the sky and constantly covering up these famous ol' towers. We had to wait forEVER to get these shots.

So, in 1937, this thing opened. And it's still doing what they asked of it - being a bridge. But it was actually first proposed in 1872, shock gasp, and there were many people actually opposed to its building. Where are you now, huh, doubters?

Did you know that the cables that span it were made by the same company that made the Brooklyn Bridge? Hmmm?

There are 600,000 rivets in each tower, rivet fans.

Love the color? It's called INTERNATIONAL ORANGE. Duplicate it here: The CMYK formula for International Orange is Cyan: 0 percent, Magenta: 69 percent, Yellow: 100 percent, Black: 6 percent.


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