Insane Lucha Libre in Guadalajara

Mexico's Lucha Libre (meaning: free fight) is the most ridiculous, outrageous night out. We went to see these loony Luchadores in Guadalajara, Jalisco: it was a colourful nonsense of drunk grown Mexican men (and us) screaming obscenities at other grown Mexican men (and occasonally, us) wearing painted gimp masks (which actually refer to Aztec times) and performing moves that would snap any normal man (me) at first attempt.

This video here is just a taster of our night out...we'll add more into a bigger, fatter Guadalajara video soonish.

HOW WE DID IT (i.e. How you could do it): When in Guadalajara, Lucha Libre happens on Tuesday and Sunday nights. But on Tuesday, you can arrive at the Red Pub Estacion Central, buy a Lucha Libre tour ticket and get taken to the event in a big red London bus. Which is weird. And it's even more weirderer when the Mexicans drink themselves silly and chant insults at each other in the bus the entire journey When they drop you back off at 1am or something, you even get a free beer at the pub.


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