360º VIDEO: The Valley of the Monks, Chihuahua, Mexico.

It's like one of those weird Star Trekky moonscapes, the Valley of the Monks. But actually, here we are, in glorious 360º video, in Chihuahua, Mexico. Once you get off the rickety El Chepe train at Creel - high in a rocky, pine-tree'd Sierra Tarahumara and on the doorstep of the Copper Canyon - you're near an area populated by the indigenous Raramuri people. And it's their legend that tells of the various Valleys - Valley of Mushrooms, Valley of Frogs and this - Valley of the Monks. Usually, they're named after the thing they look like - there's even one called Valley of ChiChi (apparently, boobs). But this one doesn't look a lot like Monks. It's said their proud erect nature that is spiritual renowned for promoting fertility. But at a queezy 2500m, there's only one place I'm need to rush blood to, and that's my brain.


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