We can talk. Oh boy, can we talk. We now POD. CAST. We're podders. And some of it, I promise you, has at least SOME informational nutrition. So you know how we went to Africa to get married? And how we met there, blah blah blah...well, we want you to go there too. It doesn't cost millions of pounds, even though we're now at war with Europe and our economy has broken down like my dad's Toyota Tercel used to, it's cheap like chips over there - the Rand has fallen over and you might as well take a load of small change out there to pay for every stuff. Anyway, following from our video blog about our top 5 African bush experiences (https://youtu.be/4QClyISOTzU, here's a little more about how to get out there and actually do it. Please. Questions? By all means: 360honeymoon@gmail.com.


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