360° VIDEO: Brooklyn Bridge

I can't help but get the sweaty-palmed, clasp-toed, belly-digging feeling of vertigo on the totally safe, non-scary Brooklyn Bridge. I keep wanting to sit down to prevent what would have to be a truly spectacular flip over the side of the bridge. What's wrong with me? In any case, we went there, and people definitely don't like you getting in the way with a tripod. Click the pic below to be transported just for a minute, a mere minute, into our time on the bridge.

We'll be blogging more on New York shortly. We've only got 3 days here, so we need to get out and pound those dusty streets and try to find some food that isn't going to pile literally straight onto the front of our guts. That's one of the things with the diet of a traveler...you end up making compromises on healthy choices. But no more for us! NO MORE FRIES!!!

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