VIDEO: Our Top 5 South African Bush Experiences

So, we went and got married! What a couple of cake-faced buffoons! This honeymoon is now officially a honeymoon, officially. As far as our moons go, they are all honeyish. We went to South Africa - because we met there all those 5 years ago. And it was an excuse to do go and look at hairy mammals and wish we could kiss them. We went back to some old places and saw some new ones. And wouldn't it just be darned rude not to tell you all about it? Slap me if I don't, Aunty Jean. And guess what, a trip to see wildlife in South Africa needn't be all fancy lodges and expensive game drives and drinking champagne out of a baboon's palm while riding a giraffe. Nope. You can do it properly on the cheap without having to sleep in hotels that shouldn't be even open. It's especially attractive while the Rand money thing is behaving like the pale sick kid in class. Just fly into Johannesburg, hire a car (cheapy) and drive to Marloth Park; hire a massive house (for cheap) and drive yourself around Kruger National Park. And so many other adventures...some of which you can see in this videogram that I made with my fingers. Any questions, class? Get in touch, happy to give advice, be corrected or just spoken at. Next up? The big tour of the Americas happens actually tomorrow. We're hitting the Big Apple, like, really hard. Any tips? Advice? Email us. Please. Just mail us. S+C


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