Hello you! Welcome to our stupendous, ridiculous, audacious, outrageous, probably prattish and bumbling, borderline irresponsible journey...which is terrifyingly starting to get its butt into gear. Our own personal butts, however, are less in gear than the ticking of the ticky clock. We leave soon. Super soon. Sooner than a lot of stuff; like all the stuff that happens after it. And we have a lot to do. Including saying goodbye to our moody cat, Cat Stevens, who we like very much despite the fact he hates everything. (exhibited below).

So here's what's happening. Let me tell you what we're up to.

PART ONE: At the end of May, we flew to South Africa, where we became man and wife. *More blogs on that to come soon!* We decided to do nuptials in the bush because that's where we first met, some 5 years ago. You see, we trained to become safari field guides, something which neither of us went on to do. But we thought it would be nice to go back there and remain not safari field guides, but become married instead. We headed for a park just on the opposite side of the Crocodile River banks to Kruger Park and its myriad of teeth, trunks and tusks. It's called Marloth Park, and zebras occasionally rudely put their heads through the windows of the lodges where you stay and demand pellets of food for their big spittley rubber mouth holes. Don't even ask about the kudus. But like I said: more to come on all of that. Lots of videos, pictures and 360 magic soon.

PART TWO: Soon it will become a whirlwind load of travelling wallop. We fly to New York on 6th July. From there, we get the train across the US - via Colorado and the Rockies, to San Francisco. Then south to LA, San Diego...and then we sink into Mexico with barely a word of Spanish tucked into our super lightweight linguistic ponchos. So we'll have to hole up at a language school and make our mouths say that stuff that they like. Then we'll plunge south into Central and South America, and you never know, maybe we'll sneak a crafty Antarctica in.

PART THREE: Ah. I knew I'd forgotten to think about something. The coming back bit. We don't know when that will happen. You see, I'm taking my camera kit. Including my awesome 360 filming rig. And we're going to stay at wildlife sanctuaries (I make wildlife videos), charities, eco-lodge type places along the way for as long as we can, while making them little films to go on their websites. Maybe we'll do some housesitting too, we'll see.

Basically, the road is wide open for a rip-roaring muppetational adventure. The sort that comes but once in a lifetime. And you're invited to join us. Not literally, unless of course you're in the same area, in which case, make us drink with you in a dive bar please. Meantime, in these pages we'll be blogging, podding, photo-ing and 360 videoing the be-jesus out of everywhere we go. Feel very free indeed to contact us by any means (other than turning up in our hotel room in the dead of night - not cool). Ask questions, request videos, give us advice if you've been somewhere. Sign up for our newsletters - yes, do that). She'll be sick of my voice within 2 weeks and will be properly desperate to hear from literally anyone.

More updates soon!


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