This is the ‘travel diary’ part of our page, where I (Mrs. Austin), will attempt to tell you about our journey in more detail. You know, in the sort of detail that he (Mr. Austin) skims over in his flowery blog posts. I’m more about logistics - going through how we got places, where we stayed and costs. Where as Spence (Mr Austin) will be writing specific blogs on certain experiences we've had. I'm no writer believe me…my grammar and spelling is all over the place, even when I talk! I'm the queen of spoonerisms ( and never get sayings right, so I'll avoid those unless I've done my research. It does mean I can bother my husband with a million questions, like a good wife should. I write this as I sit with a black pit bull-lab cross at my feet, in the middle of the rainforest. Surrounded by sounds of crickets, birds, and god knows what - damp branches tend to fall from very high trees ALL the time (which can be a little scary at night).


We’re in an awesome place called Cahuita, Costa Rica! We will be settled here for 3 months now, thanks to an amazing site called This site is a godsend to travellers and anyone wanting to spend some real time elsewhere for a low cost. With this site, you get free accommodation! Often with a furry friend and a house to look after in exchange, while the owners are away. I haven't heard of a sweeter deal than that. This means we now have plenty of time to hopefully entertain you with blogs, podcasts and pictures galore. Beware though, a lot of it is not for the faint hearted - I have a tendancy to photograph all sorts of creepy crawlies (and Mr. Austin), and trust me Costa Rica has plenty of those!

Firstly I'll fill you in on how and why this journey began, and why we love to travel. I think the bug hits a lot of people the first time they get a taste of travelling. For me, that came at the age of 22, when I travelled around Africa, Asia and New Zealand. Funnily enough Spence caught the travel bug at the same age, when he travelled around USA by Greyhound (the bus, not the dog).

Travelling gives you freedom like nothing else - you are not tied down by time or schedules, unless you have a bus, plane or train to catch - but that's part of the fun. Your time is your own, you wake up when you want, sleep when you want, answer to no one, except the occasional pain in the ass guy in the airport wanting to know why you have a cork screw in your hand luggage. Travelling gives you time to hit the refresh button.

The usual daily routine back home is waking up, going to work having two or three hours to yourself (probably blobbing in front of the telly). I manage this for about a year before I get itchy feet to set off again. Don't get me wrong, our lifestyle in London is amazing and I don't mean to come across as ungrateful, as we are truly blessed. But once bitten by the travel bug, you never really get rid of it. It merely lies dormant for a while, at least for us anyway. Very early on in our relationship we started saving for this trip, talking about it 24/7 and watching a lot of travel documentaries on where we wanted to go. It took us two years of hard work and little play to gather up the savings we needed to see us through a year or so on the road. Of course, you can never really estimate exactly how much you're going to spend and yes, we have already gone over budget. But we are blessed, as thankfully Spence is a freelance producer, and able to do bits of work here, online. Amazing!

This time we want to stay on the road as long as possible. That's why we decided to blog and make a real go of turning what we love into a lifestyle, make travelling our bread and butter. People do it, why can't we, right?! So there we have it, we packed up our flat in London and dragged everything to storage ready for our tenants to move in. Drove our lovely baby boy Cat Stevens to an amazing friend’s house to be looked after, and off we flew.

We jetted off to Africa with a handful of close family and friends to say our vows.

Above image taken by Sven and Karen:

Then headed to New York, our first destination…fasten your seatbelts and keep clicking to find out what our top 8 places you must see in New York are!


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