I'm a freelance make-up artist/beauty therapist who loves creepy crawlies and animals of any kind. I'm recently obsessed with Yoga too! Thanks to my Zimbabwean routes, I grew up around amazing wildlife which is embedded into my blood - so bring on what ever creatures we find! For me, travelling is just the best thing ever, so every few years I get itchy feet and I'm off again. That's how I met Spence, doing a safari guiding course in South Africa. He was there filming (Youtube: Bushwise diaries) I was there trying to cram animal info into my brain. I've travelled all over Africa, from Kenya to South Africa - stopping at all the countries along the east cost. I've travelled a lot of Asia and New Zealand, but I've been saving south America for something really special. What better than a year long honeymoon...and amazingly enough, Spence did the same, so this will be a place full of fresh and new adventures for us both! You see...it's all meant to be, so come join us on our adventures for tips and advice on what's what and who's who.



I'm a TV Producer, Director and Author who comes from Walthamstow in North London, UK. I grew up obsessed with the mighty Tottenham Hotspur, and still a bit am. Now I also love wildlife, especially the poor old rhinos. I've been working in TV for 20 years - making shows for big networks in the UK, as well as devising formats for international channels. I've written a couple of books too - one of them was about a roadtrip around the USA, visiting 1980s movie locations. You'll find it on Amazon - 'Chasing The 80s'. I've traveled literally as much as I can...the Trans-Siberian express from Moscow to Beijing; across Asia, by land through Africa from Morrocco to Nigeria and then to the East...but South America has been left on the shelf for something big. And this big honeymoon is that something big. I've lived on Toronto, Singapore and now live with Candace on the Isle of Dogs in East London. Well, not right now, because I'm probably chasing an ocelot up a tree.



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